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July 20th, 2008

10:22 pm - Living
So today was a fun day. I woke up. Instead of going to church, I watched “Meet the Press” and made pudding pops which did not turn out like the ones Bill Cosby always ate. I refuse to go to St. Thomas now because they got rid of our priests (or the Franciscans had to leave or something, but I like to blame everything on the Diocese because the bishop is an ass and does not need a county club membership). The church is changing everything and I think it is just further distancing the youth, who are ambivalent about church as it is. What the hell was Vatican II for? Why the hell did I have to do a paper about it in Church History if it is just going to be erased. And we certaintly shouldn’t be following anything that sounds like a fungus (the GIRM). Anyway, enough about church, I just want Tim Russert back on “Meet the Press.”

I went to Chicago to visit my friend/roommate Beth for the fourth of July weekend. It was a fun time, as Chicago usually is. Beth lives in Oak Park, which is a suburb of Chicago, but is pretty close. Also, Kathy Griffin went to the same high school as her so that is obvious legitimacy. We went to a party on the fourth, which I think was fun but am not sure because I deliberately passed out at 10:30 so I would not do anything foolish. We saw “Wanted” on Saturday and the previews are much better than the actual movie. One can only look a bullet in slo-mo so many times. Plus there was no love story between Angelina Jolie and James MacAvoy. And I am a sucker for love. On Sunday, Beth’s friend Emily invited us to sit in her dad’s box at a White Sox game. I do like air conditioned baseball. Actually, I really do like baseball, but the dessert cart really enhances my game watching experience. So it was fun to see Beth and her Michael and I’m excited to live with her.

Jessie and I saw “The Dark Night” on Friday on a hot date. I think it as a very good movie, Heath Ledger was amazing and I’m not just saying that because he is hot and dead. The movie was good and all but I’m not going to shit my pants and update my Facebook status to tell everyone how great it was. I like to rate things by money, and let’s just say I don’t regret paying full price for it.

I’m really fucking tired of every magazine telling me how to be eco-friendly. You know how you can be eco-friendly? All you have to do is get off your fat ass, stop driving every other second, recycle, and wash your clothes in cold water. No, you don’t need organic clothing. No you don’t need eco-friendly make-up. No, you don’t need organic FOOD. NO ONE NEEDS TO EAT MORE FOOD. That stuff is for people who don’t give a second thought about gas prices while the rest of us only put in $10 every time we fill up because we can’t bear to part with our precious greens. What you need to do is learn to ride a bike, invest in a Chevy Volt, and DON’T SUPPORT ETHANOL. Ethanol is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever heard of it and the only people who support it are the people who use it in casual conversation to act like they know anything about the environment. Barack Obama is obsessed with ethanol and it’s pissing me off, and yes, I do have an Obama bumper sticker on my car. Sadly, I am agreeing with McCain’s nuclear plan. But then I think why am I sad? Am I sad because I agree with a Republican? Why is that sad? Republicans are not the epitome of all evil as some fellow Democrats like to believe. I really appreciate the AARP commercial asking voters if they really know what their candidates stand for. Then I think am I sad because Obama has let me down? But why should he be held to such perfect, unattainable standards? When candidates initially run, they establish their views to be the opposite of their opponents, the extremes. Then they move from the left or the right and move towards the middle. But is that the right way to do it? To dismiss your first views in order to gain security? But what if those first views are not really your real vies? Then if they secure the position and go back to their extremes, are they reneging on their promise? Also, I thought the Barack/Michelle Obama cover of the New Yorker was hilarious. Everyone is all pissed about it, but what the magazine put out as a magazine is what the vocal media has been implying for months. Obama is not that upset about being portrayed as a Muslim extremist, because the only people that get upset about cartoons, are, indeed, Muslim extremists.
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June 29th, 2008

03:22 pm
Yesterday I went to Amy's wedding after-party aka the reception. But because I am a dumbass I was calling it the after-party all day until someone told me what it was really called. So it was nice and shit blah blah blah the usual weddingness. I went off my no carb diet for that night so I could eat everything. And I had only been on it for about 12 hours. And "no carb" really means no grains. Hahaha diets are a hobby. Anyway, so when the maids of honor gave their speeches about Amy, I got all teary-eyed. I don't know if it was the martinis, or hormones, or what, but I was just soooooo emotional. I wasn't sad about Amy, I was just thinking of my own friends. One of Amy's bridesmaids was like "I have known Amy since I was 14...blah blah sappy sappy..." And it just hit me that I have friends older than that. I mean I have known Laura, Jessie, and Beth since I dunno...I was 8? And even though I have not known Steph for as long, she is one of my best friends. So I guess I was getting emo thinking about my own wedding hoping that those ladies will be there. (Even though I think the first step in wedding plans is finding someone to marry you, so I think I jumped the gun). I just hope we are closer this upcoming school year. I think we tried but not hard enough. In my opinion, you always have time for friends no matter how much school is kicking you ass. Yeah, you might not have time to go out all the time but I think you should always have time for a little chat.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Worn me down by Rachel Yamagara and the Euro game

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June 19th, 2008

08:13 pm - I am done with elevator etiquette!
So nothing has really happened in a week. My life is that boring. But the thing is, I am never really bored. I think to be bored is to be boring. But I guess I would look pretty lame from an outside perspective.

My new thing is doing things that are beneficial economically, environmentally, and healthfully (I don't think that is a word...and I tried really hard for the alliteration but couldn't find another E-word). For instance, riding a bike or being a vegetarian. OK, so I guess I did these things before I had this not so brilliant revelation. And honestly, I can't really think of anymore things that fit. But let's get real, I haven't had much time to think about it since my life is so riveting and all. Yeah, you are all jealous of the graphing project I did all morning. I think the most exciting thing I have to look forward to is being team mom for the 7-11 soccer tournament. I am just overly excited about cutting up orange slices. It gets me all hot and bothered. Just kidding. Also, my new thing is tucking in my shirt. Yes, that's right. I guess I think it looks classy, but it really just accentuates fat rolls.

Since Michael has left, my OCD has sky-rocketed.

I just watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm. I feel...ambivalent towards it. Yes, I LOVE using the word ambivalent. I try to squeeze it in any conversation I can. At Michigan, my research advisor was all "Do you want to do your project on ambivalence?" and I was all oh yeah blah blah I'm smart but obviously I had no idea what ambivalence even meant so I had to dictionary.com it and now love it. Anyway, back to Curby. So the show is hilarious and I love Larry David, but sometimes the awkwardness makes me feel SO uncomfortable, I can't bear to watch. One can only shift uncomfortably for so long. I want to be a contributor to the facebook group "I love awkward situations!" but alas...OK this is an awkward subject to talk about and pretty irrelevant.

Ok that lame reference to facebook reminded me of Ludington and how many references to bumper stickers were made...like 15 at least....but it should have fucking been zero, I mean c'mon.
Ha, also times I said fuck up north: 1000.
Times Jessie said cunt: 900.
Times Steph J was an I Love You Slut: infinity
Times Beth hid under the table: 7
Times Laura was an exhibitionist: like 20
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: Better Together by Jack Johnson

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June 10th, 2008

09:32 pm - What what
Wow, I have not updated in like a year…..or more probably. I’m not going to do the math because it will most likely be incorrect. I say this is in all seriousness as I am getting a legit (as opposed to unlegit) C- in Delta Online Calc 1. Yes, that’s right – I am not passing ON-FUCKING-LINE DELTA. For some reason, I knew this would happen. I always joked about it…but I guess God played a fucking joke on me…

Anyway so yeah I guess I went to college and stuff. Umm it was fun. My roommate was a fucking weirdo fo sho. But I’m really glad I didn’t change rooms because I think it helped me build some character. But as Calvin says, “Every time I’ve built character, I’ve regretted it.” Plus, I think I will have some good stories for my children. And it helped me bond with the people in my hall as they all felt so sorry for me and let me be in their rooms. So in an essence, Tara made me who I am…the resident East Quad creeper. I would not have been an EQ celeb. Whoa. Maybe she was good for something, besides looking homely, after all.

Well next year will be different. I am living with my friend Macbeth in a sunshine room (meaning the walls are yellow) in the basement of my Sorothel. Jk, I’m not supposed to call it that but it is fun to say. Anyway she likes cats. And so do I.

I looked up law schools the other day and they are scary. And most of them, only like 30% of people or less get in. ahhhh the imminent future. So I don’t know, I don’t really have a career path but I don’t care. The thing I hate the most about Michigan, besides the indisputable one-upping skills, is the competition. I HATE competition. A lot. I hate that fucking bell curve. It is so stupid. I think education should be about learning, not competing. I don’t like the weeder classes because everyone deserves a chance at a decent grade and not passing one certain class should not so drastically impact your future. It just makes me sick. On the other hand, it also makes me sick that I am so apathetic about my future career. Maybe I am the one who is wrong. I mean competition is part of life. I guess you could say that everyday is a struggle for humans to survive. OK that sounds really stupid, like I am not a smart evolutionist or anything, but you know? Deep down, life is a competition for basic necessities – well basically just a competition for money. Money that is used to buy necessities and big boats. I know almost no one that goes into school thinking, “I can’t wait to be poor.” Let’s get real. So maybe I should try harder as competition is an inevitable part of life.

What else…oh yeah I am babysitting a pool for the summer. Yes the pool. I am not babysitting the children in the pool. Just the pool itself. I don’t really do anything besides test the chemicals and look at people’s ID. I went to work today for 15 minutes but it was rainy so I didn’t have to stay. Instead, I went to Delta to fail another Calc test…yet again. One of the other workers just quit too so now I will get more hours yay!

I went to California in May to see my friend Nick. It was very fun (that is a 1st grade sentence). CA is just a different kind of lifestyle. I think I would really like to live there someday. Plus, when I was reading the LA Times, they reported that SoCal is the number one place for environmental jobs. Anyway back to the lifestyle. Nick is unlike anyone I have ever met. And that is not meant to sound romantical/corny. But just the way he is is different than other people. And his friends are like him too. I don’t want to say they are a lot nicer…but they are. I guess it’s the whole “Free Love” movement that started in CA. It must have stayed there…thus I guess it really wasn’t a MOVEment. Like when I was there, we hung out with guys the entire time. I don’t think I met a single girl. And that’s not to say Nick doesn’t have lady friends – I am sure he does (I think a lot were still in school). I think it’s that he really loves his guy friends and values them a lot. And I think a lot of people lose sight of that once they get all up in the opposite sex. I meant that figuratively…not literally.

Which leads me to another topic…Me, Jessie, Steph J, Laura, and Beth went on a trip to Ludington for a week and we just got back a few days ago. It was cool because 1) It was with my friends that I have known since 1st grade. 2) It was beautiful in Ludington. 3) No parental units. 4) We planned the whole trip ourselves and were very responsible…most of the time. I just really like those ladies. I don’t think there is anything that I couldn’t say to them. This sounds very corny but I really think that we will be friends forever. I mean we survived all of STA, NCC, and a year of college and we are still as close as ever. So yay for friends. On Tuesday we had this “no clock day.” It sounds a little weird, but think about it – how many times a day do you look at a clock, set your alarm, plan your activities around the time? It sickens me to think how much I am controlled by this man-made idea. God didn’t create “time” (besides the circadian rhythm I guess, but that doesn’t count). Humans created time to control one another and ourselves. When I am at school, I am OBSESSED with schedules – like when to work out (never), when to eat (always), when to study (mas o menos). So it was interesting to not know what time it was. I mean the pioneers and old people didn’t have clocks and they survived. They probably only lived to like 45…but that’s OK, they didn’t have penicillin then either. We should have made a sundial in the sand…Basically all we did up north was drink, fail at Scrabble, watch TV, go to the beach, and EAT! It was glorious. Oh yeah and I won at Clue.

My Michael is gone forever in Costa Rica. I have pretty much been in depression since his departure on Sunday. :(

I guess that’s it. My life is boring. I hope I do something fun this weekend. Right now I am going to be awkward at a party. Awkward.

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Current Music: The Seed 2.0 by The Roots

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February 13th, 2007

08:00 pm
I can finally check something off the "Things to Accomplish in Life" list:

Win the trivia game at Damon's CHECK!

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January 22nd, 2007

10:12 am - Vote Sexy Party in '08
This weekend was excellent I must say.

MSU was very fun. Hailey and Anne are hilarious and everything worked out fine even tho we are not very good trip planners. Mike’s suitemates are…interesting…Spiros...is usually seen without clothes and doesn’t even live there. Eveyone we met was very nice and really cool, especially Stacy’s roommates. We even got to the privilege of seeing Stu Kelly romping around Urban Outfitters. So thanks Mike and Stacy! Oh yeah, but I discovered like fifteen (yeah maybe I counted) bruises after I woke up at State. How does that happen? It’s very uncomfortable to sleep. Oh and then I thought I lost my wallet at the IHop but no worries, Hailey found it.

And then on Saturday I hung out with Jessie, Beth, and Laura which was fun times as always. Yesterday hung out with Caitlin, Zack, and Cara and watched The Transporter 2!! And today I’m waiting for the bf to come over and play Nintendo conmigo.

Does anyone else think it’s weird that kids are recommending shrinks to one another. What is the world coming to? I think it’s sad that after only like 18 years of living, the world has fucked kids up so much that they have be psychoanalyzed. Eh whatever, I’m excited to go!

Oh yeah! Exams are over. I guess that’s kinda important. Well after studying for about 8 hours (that is no exaggeration I swear) I spent about 4 hours on the math exam, which was really only 14 problems long. So 10-2 was eternal hell for AP Calculus. Usually at least one person (CONNOR) knows how to do stuff but oh no, not this time. Ms. Roeske was like “Are you guys cheating?” No Ms. Roeske, there really was no way to cheat because no one could do it!!!! I came out with bloodshot eyes and disheveled hair and really didn’t care. It’s over and there is nothing you can do about it now.

The Winter INformal was kind of disappointing but I still had fun. My stalker lurked about me every two seconds and would not relent after I shoved about 2 cookies in my mouth in order to discourage our awkward conversation.
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Current Music: Scandolous Scholastics by Gym Class Heroes

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January 12th, 2007

06:16 pm - Things
Things (most of which i want to be over):

MOST IMPORTANTLY - I want my stalker to stop stalking me!!! it's not only frightening but creates great disorder in my walking course during school. plus i have to talk to ryan between every class to ward the stalker off and ryan is probably very bored of me by now

anyway continuing

-Blood work tomorrow
-EXAMS!! studying with Char and Andy
-class rank
-the Winter INformal
-going to MSU on friday woo woo
-Catholic schools week
-the talent show
-Hall of Fame Induction
-some dinner thats taking 6 hours

New obsession: hot green tea

Also, here is a nice math equation

haircuts = more stressing than any exam
my brain < ap calc
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December 31st, 2006

11:38 am - Get down
Last day at Edward’s. It’s kinda sad. As much as I hate working and effort and all that, it was like…a part of me. Hahaha. For three years I called that place my job even though I never get paid on time/weekly and don’t do much. I don’t even know how I got the job because I lack any marketable skills. I’m going to miss it a lot I think. Especially the middle aged men trying to get me to confess to drinking vodka in water bottles and their attempts to be hip about Cancun. And all their mispronunciations such as “Casta Rica” and Jewish expressions. Oh what a life.

But I won’t miss things like this:
#8 Appleshire Court came into Edward’s but I didn’t recognize him at first so I’m all “Can I have your last name sir?” and he’s like “asdjfkasjdfk;asjfjsladjkfsad italkreallyfastwithtotaldisregardforpeoplewithdyslexia.” Thus he had to repeat it a few more times and it’s a pretty simple last name and I obviously should know it. And so he was probs very irritated with me and now my future in Saginaw’s society is ruined ahhhhhhhh what terror.

So this year is over. I don’t really know what to think about it. It probably wasn’t that great. But I don’t want to ponder it. Tonight will be fun and so will 2007 woo woo.

I don’t know if I’m going to bother to make New Year’s resolutions because I always just break them anyway. I dunno, maybe not be so emo this year hahaha. Oh and learn how to freakin knit already, it’s been long enough.

New obsession: Fedora hats!!!
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Together We'll Ring in the New Year by MCS

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December 23rd, 2006

09:56 am - "God, what emo tunes"
Edward's is a slavedriver. I am a men's apparel slave. But they would go to ruin without me. I'm gone for one day and the place is a freaknig disaster and no one knows how to organize. I come in and NO boxes have been made, like 20 presents must be wrapped, and the computer is jammed. wtf. And yesterday I took my first lunch break in the 3 years of working there and I swear when I came back it was a mess. And now they are making me work everday during break. Baaaaaaaaah

My darling Alex had a little show last Friday at Dawn of a New Day Cafe. He is such a cutie. Laura's broman, Drew, played and Laura sang some Rufus with him! They both did great. Then there was some band in the middle but I don't really remember that and then Alex and his band played and did a good job. A fair amount of people showed up so I hope they made some dinero.
Me: I don't mean to sound egotisical but I think he's in love with me.
Beth: My first impression was...he's GAY
Oh Beth, alway's so humbling.

School was a joke yesterday. I watched four movies. Ugh except for math which was just terrible. Trying to take the derivative of a cone with respect to theta and maximizing its volume.

Well yesterday I had a Very Merry Classy Christmas Party. Jimmy and Ryan brought me a poinsetta and Kyle Henris got me a Ravenclaw scarf. Hahaha I love them. It was a pretty good time except for numerous personal summers and having minor panic attacks about nothing. I'm going to have to rethink my future desperate housewife-ism. Overall I think like 35-40 people were there and I hope everyone had fun. Everyone dressed classy so that's hot.

And now I must learn to knit in about a day.
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Current Music: Float On by MOdest Mouse

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December 4th, 2006

10:08 pm
I spun out today on Center and Shattuck. And it's only about the first real day of snow/winter. That's about #73 on the lifesucking list.

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